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Infants and Toddlers at the Little Lighthouse

What do babies need most? Attention to all of their needs. They need to be changed frequently, fed often, talked to, smiled at, sung to, and played with. They need enough stimulation to learn and progress but not so much they are overwhelmed. They need a bright cheerful environment with toys that encourage discovery. They need infinite patience and caring warm-hearted people to care for them.

At the Little Lighthouse we offer all of the things a baby needs to help start their earliest learning years in a positive and secure way.

As Infants grow into toddlers their needs expand. Besides having basic physical needs, they have a need to explore their environment.

Infants and Toddlers absorb and learn through sensory stimuli. We provide a variety of learning experiences, each targeting specific areas of development. Motor skills begin with rolling, sitting up, crawling, pulling up & standing, walking, etc. We provide movement games, activities, toys & equipment to help small & large motor skill development. Speech and communication skills begin with coos & gurgles. We help babies and toddlers learn communication and speech through singing, chanting, simple signing, and imitating & repeating sounds and words. We help babies and toddlers develop listening skills through reading, dress up, puppet play, visually appealing & textured toys and activities to encourage exploration.

Monitoring progress is important. Daily records and weekly observations are kept for each child in their own book for the first three years at the Little Lighthouse so we can note changes and milestones and make parents aware of them. We also send home developmental progress reports in November, February, and June. At about 22-24 months of age we start the gradual transition to the two year old room. We visit for an occasional activity at different times of the day so our tots become familiar with the activities, routine, and teachers they will eventually join. They also need time to adjust to the additional number of friends in the two year old group. When they are ready, they become a Seagull!

Preschool at the Little Lighthouse

Our philosophy in caring for children at the Little Lighthouse is to use positive guidance, simple rules, and a love of learning along with teaching methods based on research, common sense, and caring.

Each child goes through similar stages of development but the pace at which they learn in each area is quite individual. Our preschool programs include the seven subject areas – math, science, language arts, social studies, music, art, and physical education in a hands-on, age appropriate, and interesting manner. Our group sizes are small enough that the children enjoy attention from their teachers while still large enough to encourage social interaction and friendships with their peers. We provide a warm, caring, nurturing environment where they grow to develop positive attitudes about themselves and others.

Before they go off to Kindergarten we help them become self-confident and self-sufficient so they are able to begin their formal education eager to learn.

Childhood should be a carefree happy time filled with fun and learning. Your child will be welcomed to a safe haven while in our care.

Our Program Includes: 

  • Highly motivated, energetic, patient teachers
  • Learning activities to introduce and encourage reading & writing, math, & science concepts in an age appropriate hands-on forum.
  • Language building & communication activities
  • Creative indoor activities – arts & crafts, storytelling, movement exercises, games, etc. to help improve small & large motor coordination
  • Outdoor activities both structured and unstructured to introduce simple sports skills and improve hand-eye coordination, as well as channel energy constructively.
  • Morning & Afternoon snacks & drinks
  • Fun and Educational Field Trips